Talks with Leaders, Special episode: Blockchain meets Metaverse, featuring business leaders, investors, tech experts and global influencers

On November 14, 2021, the live webinar Blockchain meets Metaverse was successfully organized by TechBiz with the participation of experts from different countries including Mr. Eddy Travia- CEO of Coincilium (Singapore), Evelyn Mora- Strategist- Inventor- Founder of Digital Village (France), Mr. Sven Van de Perre- Cofounder of Tropos AR (Belgium), Jillian Godsil- Coindesk journalist, Cofounder of BlockLeader (Ireland), Ms. Bridget Greenwood- Cofounder of the 200Bn club (England) and Cris D. Tran- Deputy CEO of Galaxy One (Vietnam). The penal discussion was hosted by TechBiz’s General Manager, Ms. Thuy Nguyen.

After 5 days we announced the event, we got a lot of registrations from different countries around the world. Many who missed the event wrote us emails to request for access to the video to watch it again.

To make it easier for all to follow this panel discussion, we have edited the video and make it a complete episode of Talks with Leaders for you to watch. Here below is the link to the video with both English and Vietnamese subtitles added. Please feel free to let us know if you have any comments. Enjoy!

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