Alibaba’s AI-Powered Renaissance Amidst New Leadership and Market Challenges

In a bold move to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce and cloud computing, Alibaba Group is embarking on its most ambitious restructuring to date under the leadership of its new CEO, Eddie Wu. As the company faces challenges in a slowing Chinese economy and stiff competition, Wu is determined to revitalize Alibaba’s strategy by placing a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) and promoting younger talents to senior management positions.

Google Delays EU Launch of AI Chatbot Bard Amid Privacy Concerns Raised by Regulator

Google has decided to delay the launch of its AI chatbot, Bard, in the European Union (EU) after concerns were raised by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), which serves as the company’s lead data protection authority in the region. The DPC stated that Google had not provided adequate information and documentation, including a data protection impact assessment (DPIA), ahead of the planned launch date. Consequently, the launch will not proceed as scheduled until the DPC’s questions are answered by Google.

Codeword Breaks New Ground: Introducing the World’s First AI Interns

Codeword, a leading tech-marketing agency, has made history by hiring the world’s first AI interns. Aiden and Aiko, the AI interns, have been brought on board for a three-month trial internship, where they will work alongside Codeword’s team of 106 people. Aiko will be part of the design team, while Aiden will work with the editorial team.

Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Opens Up to All Users: The Future of Search and the Risks of AI Advancement

Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing search engine is now available to all users without a waitlist, signaling the company’s commitment to advancing AI technology. Despite concerns regarding the accuracy and tone of AI-powered systems, the advancements made by Microsoft in the new Bing search engine have been gaining over 100 million daily active users each day. The updates to the new Bing include the ability to ask questions with pictures, access chat history, export responses to Microsoft Word, and personalized tone and style of the chatbot’s responses. Microsoft plans to bring ChatGPT technology to its core productivity tools, indicating the potential to change the way we work.