Abode: Artist Challenges Adobe’s Dominance with Lifetime Creative Software Suite

Artist and activist Stuart Semple has embarked on an ambitious project to challenge the dominance of Adobe, the corporate giant in the creative software industry. Frustrated with the trend of renting software instead of owning it, Semple has created Abode, a new software suite tailored specifically for creators.

By Rotation: The Startup Revolutionizing Fashion with Peer-to-Peer Clothing Rental

By Rotation, a U.K.-based clothing rental app, is on a mission to combat the harmful effects of fast fashion by promoting peer-to-peer clothing rental as a mainstream practice in the United States. The startup recently expanded its services to the U.S. market and aims to establish a strong presence in New York City before expanding to other major cities next year.

WOSH- a “futuristic” hand-washing stand installed at McDonald’s in Japan can sterilize your smartphone by 99.9% in 30 seconds

WOSH is a sustainable hand-washing stand that features a reusable water based sink. In addition, it uses a hydrological cycle system and deep ultraviolet lights to sanitize your smartphone. The cutting-edge system was developed by the Japanese company WOTA.