Cultural differences between the East and the West

Yang Liu is a Chinese-German Berlin-based artist. For decades, her East Meets West drawing project has been recognized for illustrating cultural contrasts between East and West cultures, many of which are broadly acknowledged. This series of drawings has a unique feature in which the drawings are relatively simple but have a high expressive effect, allowing it to appeal to a wide range of readers. Yang Liu has officially released a book that compiles all of her illustrations after years of them being shared all over social media and blogs.

TechBiz would like to introduce this book to you through some selected graphics in order to give you an impression of how fascinating the content is.
The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon. The book’s current price is $915 USD.

1. Showing opinions
2. Building relationships
3. Punctuality
4. The company’s boss’ status in his employees’ eyes
5. Views of an individual

In Eastern societies, the individual opinions are generally undervalued, whereas in Western cultures, individual opinions and differences are widely respected.

6. Way of life

Like the individual views above, the Eastern way of life tends to promote collectivism and community and putting their ego below the collective opinions. Whereas Westerners emphasize individuality and independence

7. Handling problems

Easterners appear to have a tendency to avoid issues or to take detours into them in order to avoid offending others. Westerners, on the other hand, prefer to get right to the point and believe that straightly addressing the existing problem is the best way to solve the problem.

8. Waiting in a queue
9. Travelling

When traveling, Easterners prefer to focus on photographing gorgeous sights rather than experiencing it. Westerners, on the other hand, are less prone to this trend and prefer to concentrate on sightseeing.

10. Life of the elderly

In Eastern cultures, it is common for elderly individuals to spend all of their time with their children and grandkids. Taking care of their grandkids is a source of immense satisfaction for many grandparents. In Western countries, the elderly are frequently observed living apart from their children and grandkids, and instead of surrounding themselves with grandkids, they spend time with their pets.

11. Shower Time

Morning showering seems more common in the West, whilst evening showering seems more common in the East.

12. Child care

Westerners appear to treat their children like adults, while Easterners regard the child as the family’s core.

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