Techbiz was originally an active community for people working in the technology industry and tech-driven businesses in Vietnam. We’ve built the community through high-quality events and useful activities aimed to support our members to up-level their career and develop their business in Vietnam. We invited tech experts, investors, top leaders of prominent companies and emerging startups to speak and share with the audience their stories and experience in the fields that the the topics cover. TechBiz’s events usually attracted hundreds of people to attend.

Based on this background, TechBiz has been expanded with a news platform where you can enjoy news, insightful articles and videos shows on technologies, business and related fields such as cross-culture and travel- the fields that office workers often care about when they are working in a more and more international environment these days.

Leveraging our big and strong network of business leaders, KOLs and media in Vietnam as well as our strengths in event organizing and video production, TechBiz Agency has been established to help businesses and individual achieving their goals in career and business development. The services we are ready to serve you now include the mentoring program where we match you with the right mentor in your field; ad booking on online newspapers, radio and television channels, KOL booking, event organizing, video production and tech industry recruitment. Let’s talk and find out how we can help you by contacting us here.