Thomson Medical Group Expands Southeast Asian Presence with Acquisition of FV Hospital in Vietnam

Singapore’s Thomson Medical Group (TMG) has made a significant move in the healthcare sector by acquiring Vietnam’s FV Hospital, marking Southeast Asia’s largest healthcare acquisition since 2020. TMG, a healthcare group listed on the SGX Mainboard, will purchase 100% of the shares of Far East Medical Vietnam Limited, the operator of FV Hospital and adjacent clinics, with equity firm Quadria Capital exiting its investment in the Vietnamese company.

By Rotation: The Startup Revolutionizing Fashion with Peer-to-Peer Clothing Rental

By Rotation, a U.K.-based clothing rental app, is on a mission to combat the harmful effects of fast fashion by promoting peer-to-peer clothing rental as a mainstream practice in the United States. The startup recently expanded its services to the U.S. market and aims to establish a strong presence in New York City before expanding to other major cities next year.

Uber and Waymo Join Forces: Self-Driving Technology Partnership Signals a New Era in Autonomous Transportation

Uber and Waymo, once fierce competitors in the autonomous driving space, have announced a partnership that will bring Waymo’s self-driving car technology to Uber’s platform. This unexpected alliance marks a significant development in the race towards fully autonomous vehicles and highlights the evolving dynamics in the industry.