Talks with Leaders, Ep1: Omdena’s CEO’s sharing: how to build a sustainable, impactful and fast-growing community and startup

Finally the first episode of Talks with Leaders is here. Enjoy this special video and get to know how Mr. Rudradeb Mitra and his team have built and developed Omdena- the world’s leading platform for impacts with AI with amazing achievements just after a very short time. In this episode, Omdena’s CEO also reveals his tips and experience in building a sustainable impactful and fast-growing community and startup. He also guides you how to apply for Omdena’s AI incubator program and the local chapter leader program to experience and enjoy attractive benefits that you will probably not be able to find in any other platforms.
Once again, we would like to thank Mr. Rudradeb Mitra for accepting our invitation and sparing his time to share with us so many interesting stories as well as useful knowledge and skills.
The audience can watch the video with English or Vietnamese subtitles by choosing the caption at the lower right corner of the screen (the three dot “…” sign if you watch it on mobile devices or ‘CC’ sign if you watch it on a desktop).
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