Talks with Leaders Ep4- Vietnamese-Swedish female founder determined to build a dating app for Vietnamese people

Being 30 now, still very young, Denise Sandquist, Tran Thanh Huong- has already gained quite abundant life experiences and many inspiring stories about her personal life as well as her career development. Born in Vietnam, raised in Sweden, Denise can speak 6 languages. In 2016 Denise also made a buzz on Facebook when her status searching for her biological mother was widely shared by people and ending up helping her reunite with her biological mother and her Vietnamese family after many years without any contacts. Looking at this girl, you will always see her with full of energy, enthusiasm, confidence and proactiveness: proactive to search for and receive what she wants to get, proactive to create opportunities for herself to live in her dreams and with her passion. And most recently, she was proactive to find an opportunity to build a start up with her companion in Vietnam by building and developing a dating app called Fika which focuses on the Vietnamese market and carries the mission of enhancing the users’, especially female users’ safety on a dating app. This startup, though still in its early stage, has gained certain success and brought interesting stories to its users by integrating certain cultural characteristics of the Vietnamese people into its features which makes it easier for its users to consider who they want to date. Let’s listen to Denise’s interesting sharing and stories through this interview.
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