Two research teams reverse the signs of aging in mice, raising the hope for similar results in humans.

A decade after Kyoto University biologist Shinya Yamanaka was awarded a shared Nobel Prize for discovering a cocktail of proteins that reprogram adult cells into versatile stem cells, two teams argue that the proteins can turn back the clock for entire organisms, perhaps one day humans, by reprogramming adult cells into versatile stem cells.

Tômtex- a company owned by a Vietnamese turns seafood shells and coffee grounds into garment leather

Tômtex, a flexible bio-material created by Vietnamese designer Uyen Tran from seafood waste, is a substitute to leather that can be embossed with a variety of designs. The word “Tôm” in its name, which in Vietnamese means “shrimp,” alludes to the leftover food that is combined with coffee grounds to make the textile.