“Drive and listen” – a tech project helps you travel around the world without leaving home

The pandemic has made it more difficult for all of us to travel around. But do you know that during the pandemic, a website made many people feel comforted by allowing them to visit a variety of destinations around the world via a small screen? Yes, I’m referring to the website Drive and Listen.

This is a fascinating project created by a Turkish student studying in Germany. Due to his homesickness during the epidemic, Erkam Seker created this website to help people who are “missing that same experience of being on the road” as he was. As a result, people can get a sense of being actually visiting various locations throughout the world just by clicking the mouse on different videos on the website.

More than 50 cities in Asia, Europe, and America have contributed driving films to the site. When you visit the website, you can both feel like you’re driving through the streets of these places and listen to the local radio station. You may also adjust your driving speed to make it feel more realistic, as well as add or remove street sounds. The site today boasts over 15 million unique visitors from all over the world. Many other cloned websites have also been created by people who love the idea. Erkam has now built a new website with its own domain name while continuing to maintain the old one.

What could be better than sitting in Vietnam and being able to travel instantly from Seoul, South Korea, to Paris, France, and then to New York, USA? If you are still unable to explore the world at this moment, then do not hesitate to visit this website now.

Watch the video about the project with English subtitles.