Why joining TechBiz?

Images of a popular event series for creative professionals in Oslo organized by TechBiz's organizer

TechBiz was founded by Thuy Nguyen- an experienced organizer who has organized many big events and large-scaled activities for startups, businesses, experts and leaders in the tech industry as well as for the community of creative professionals in and outside Vietnam. Thuy Nguyen had experience being an organizer in the largest annual event series for startups and businesses in Norway: Oslo Innovation Weeks. She was also one of the organizers for Oslo DevOps Days- One of the most-known annual events for the tech community in Scandinavia which attracted many experts and professionals in the tech industry around the world coming to Oslo at the end of each year. Moreover, she was also standing behind the birth of the international culture festival that gathered thousands of attendees from different cultures in Norway and around 20 groups of performers from different countries coming to perform at the event.

Actively getting involved with the tech community in Oslo and many activities for businesses operated by Oslo Business Region, Thuy Nguyen wished to create a similar ecosystem in Vietnam when she came back to her country. TechBiz was then founded based on the idea of creating a community of tech and business people who will gather in useful events and activities to share opinions and solutions on different emerging issues that are affecting the healthy development of startups and established businesses at present.

More importantly, TechBiz is aimed to be a bridge connecting startups and investors, employers and employees, partners of different fields so that we all can support one another and grow together.
TechBiz therefore started with some small events which now have grown to medium-sized ones of more than 200 attendees and gathered top leaders from many fields to be our speakers and advisors. We hope to develop this community into an ecosystem that will not only bring more and more values for the community but also get many more startups, established companies, corporations, investors, capital firms in and outside Vietnam to get involved in our activities in the future.
Contact us anytime if you want to be part of this community! We are here to help you and will be happy to welcome you to join us!