TechBiz launching a new series of interviews with impact business leaders

“Talks with Leaders” is a series of interviews with business leaders in and outside Vietnam to introduce prominent or emerging businesses and leaders in technology and other business areas. We hope that through these talks, business leaders can share their knowledge and experience in their fields, and interesting success and failure stories during their journey building and developing their business… Besides, the project also aims to help members of the TechBiz community connect with each other, approach and learn useful knowledge, professional skills, and get to know breakthrough new business models that has positive impacts on society…
In the upcoming first issue, we invite Mr. Rudradeb Mitra – CEO of Omdena – an artificial intelligence platform which has had rapid growth and global influence through projects using artificial intelligence to solve social problems. Omdena also supports startups around the world through their “Omdena AI Incubator” program that helps impact startups to build, deploy and scale artificial intelligence solutions in just about 8 weeks with just a small fee in return (depending on your budget). Omdena even waives the fee for some high-impact bootstrapped startups.
You can send questions here and follow this interview at TechBiz’s Facebook page or LinkedIn page. We will pass these questions on to Mr. Rudradeb Mitra before the interview. The interview is scheduled to be posted on Monday, August 9, 2021 at TechBiz’s website, LinkedIn page, Facebook page and Youtube channel.