Full video of the panel discussion: “Technologies that empower e-commerce business in Vietnam”

Watch again our event “Technologies that empower e-commerce business in Vietnam” which attracted around 300 engaging attendees. Premiere now!

It’s been over a week since our event was organized but our team still feels amazed by how the audience was engaged to the event and how inspiring and supportive our speakers could be for all of us to enjoy organizing and attending this event. First of all, we would like to say thanks to around 300 super-engaging attendees most of whom stayed until the end to give interesting questions to the panelists. We were also thrilled to receive the filled registration forms from more than 450 people who registered for this event. Though we had to close the registration a few days earlier for being full booked, we hope to continue receiving your support in upcoming activities.

Our special thanks are for our 5 great speakers who contributed great answers which enlightened us with new knowledge, inspiring stories, precious experience-sharing and interesting opinions on the topics. From bottom of our heart, we would like to show our appreciation and huge thanks to our co-organizer and co-sponsor of this event Kafnu Ho Chi Minh City for the super great support! Thanks to GST for the partnership to organize this event!