Evelyn Mora- Founder of Digital Village

Evelyn Mora is a Finnish 29-year old awarded strategist, tech and sustainability consultant based in Paris, France. She is also a keynote speaker, lecturer, mentor and writer.
Evelyn Mora is the founder and CEO of DIGITAL VILLAGE, a Social Metaverse with its community lead Blockchain technology prioritizing social and digital sustainability, Digital land, and Digital assets marketplace. Helsinki Fashion Week:tm created by her in 2014 became the world’s first recognized and most sustainable fashion week. It evolved into a multimillion-euro brand and was recognized and featured in many prestigious organizations and fashion awards.
Evelyn Mora planned and piloted the Eco Village – concept in 2018. The proof of concept was recognized by The Independent UK in 2018 as “The most progressive event,” Forbes USA in 2019 as “By far the most provocative and promising platform,” and American Vogue in 2018 as “A platform unlike any other.”…
With her contributions to sustainable development and innovations, fashion, design, technology etc. she has been featured on most known publications and media such as Bloomberg, Business Insider, BBC World Business TV, Forbes, WWD, Marie Claire, L’officiel, Instyle, Nylon, Elle, the Guardian, Vogue, Dezeen, Le Parisienne etc.
She has been recognized as a “Change-agent” by Vogue Australia, a “Sustainable trailblazer” by WWD, “Multi-talented and genius” by Vogue Italy etc.
She was selected by Readwrite on the list of Top 30 Most Influential People in The Metaverse.”
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