Talks with Leaders, Ep5_ Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT-basic explanations. Is blockchain technology necessary for business?

In this episode, we will talk about trendy topics these days: blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFT and their applications in our daily life as well as in business. These are broad and interesting topics so we will invite several leaders in the fields to talk about different aspects of the issues to help people have more diverse approaches to the issues. In this first episode of this topic, we have an interview with Mr. Dominik Weil- Cofounder of BitcoinVn and a familiar face in the community of blockchain in Ho Chi Minh city. He will provide us basic information and an overview of blockchain tech, cryptocurrencies and NFT market in the globe as well as in Vietnam. Mr. Dominik Weil will perhaps give you a different but very interesting perspective on blockchain’s applications and its necessity in our life and in business. Let’s listen to this interview and find out!